DSL Group has brought the first-ever Mall and IT park to east Hyderabad. With the perfect location and all requirements, it is proven to be a grade-A IT building. It has an apt space management capability to facilitate business development and expansion. Not only this, the government of Telangana is providing the needed WiFi and electricity. Apart from the ideal location, professional security and high-speed lift services, there is a power back up facility, three-level and mechanical car parking and food courts, fine dining and retail store exactly adjacent. The office space also ranges from 2,000 square feet to 33,000 square feet.

Apart from all this, Abacus IT Park is creating better opportunities due to the following reasons;

1.Good for the economy

Technology parks help in boosting their regional and national economies. Apart from the many reasons it also promotes greater collaboration between the private and public sectors and facilitates startups.

2.Provides space for growth

Unlike office buildings, this technology park has large outdoor spaces that facilitate business growth and expansion. These parks contain adequate office space, proper storage and high-quality conference rooms and meeting centres. Since most startups have limited funds and high preliminary expenses, they can benefit from these facilities.

3.Promotes business development

For a company or start-up to grow, they require ample space and all the facility to ensure smooth functioning, and we ensure to provide the right space for the best development of your business

4.Latest technology

An IT park must comply with basic infrastructure requirements such as clean bathrooms and ample walking space. However, we are also equipped with high-speed broadband internet and telecommunication facilities that make it easy to establish and manage a business.

5.Range of amenities

500m away from the Uppal metro station, with all the food and retail amenities placed adjacent to the park. It makes us the perfect fit in building better opportunities.

6.Security features

We understand how important security is and hence have made sure to have professional security with access control.

7.Rest and recreation

To function to the fullest, any person requires short breaks. With common service balcony, one can take a short break in between of the hectic schedule. We have also made a special smoking room available.

Not just better opportunities; Abacus IT park is the ideal place for your office, with all the necessary facilities made easily available for you.

Digital marketing is here to stay and provides shopping malls the opportunity to upgrade themselves and become more relevant to today’s customers. This is the age to build the ultimate physical presence and then drive the traffic through the use of digital platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. This blend of physical and digital methods is termed as Phygital.

Shopping malls are magnifying their efficiency and productivity by strategically reviewing their tenant mix, accommodating consumer requirements and retailer finances. In the phygital era, mall and retailer association is getting redefined and here are a few ways they can do this:

1.Billing based on store traffic

Shopping malls, nowadays, are using artificial intelligence powered tools and heat mapping strategies to calculate the footfall and are charging the premium based on these numbers.

2.Online-offline fulfillment

With the emergence of the ‘brick and click’ stores, many retailers are sharing their online income with the mall owners when customers choose to shop online and pickup the products from the store. This physical pickup enables the stores to upsell. Modern day shoppers require a frictionless shopping experience that merges both the online and offline spaces.

3.Malls are now experience centers

Gone are the days when shopping malls used to be visited only for purchasing something. New age shopping malls, like DSL Virtue Mall in Hyderabad, provide not just shopping but also dining and entertainment, thereby branding the mall as a place for creating experiences, in the minds of the consumers.

4.Digital Signage

The signage technologies have changed over time. A lot of shopping malls are now merging Artificial Intelligence and deep learning strategies with digital signage. The AI-run platforms collect huge datasets and analyze them to aid retailers in taking measureable actions. Moreover, digital signage these days provides personalized and appropriate content to attract more traffic.

Shopping mall owners are now living in an exceedingly competitive market due to the growth of online shopping. Nevertheless, with digital transformation, using online & offline channels and adopting AI technology, they can not only survive but also boost their revenues.

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